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C. Manoharachary

C. Manoharachary

Dr. C. Manoharachary was born on 1st January 1945. He is native of Vavilala, Karimnagar Dist, Andhra Pradesh. He did his M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. Dr. C. Manoharachary had experience of 36 years of dedicated teaching as Assistant Professor 1970-1980, Associate Professor 1980-1984, Professor 1984-2004, Emeritus Professor (CSIR) 2005-2009. During this period he guided 45 students for Ph.D. and published over 400 papers. As an outstanding achievement he discovered and described 12 new genera and 80 new species. Besides, he also authored and edited 21 books. Dr. Manoharachary had also rich experience of 20 years of administration as Head, Department of Botany; Chairman, Board of Studies in Botany; Principal, University College of  Science; Dean, Chairman, P.G. admissions etc. He conducted outstanding research in the field of biodiversity, taxonomy, biotechnology of fungi, molecular biology etc. For post doctoral research he visited UK, USA, Germany and Canada and for attending conferences visited Thailand, Hungary, Netherlands and China and organised 12 national and 2 international seminars.

Dr. Manoharachary  earned several national and state awards viz., Dr. E.K. Janaki Ammal National Award, Ministry of Environment & Forests-2006; J.C. Bose Award, UGC, Hari Om Ashram Trust-2001; Birbal Sahni Medal, Indian Botanical Society-2000; Scientist Award, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh-2001; Best Teacher Award, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh award-1995. Besides this he also received several lecture awards viz., Dr. V. Agnihotrudu Endowment Lecture, University of Madras-2009, Dr. Mundkur Memorial Lecture Award, IPS-2007, Dr. N. Prasad Memorial Lecture Award, ISMPP-2006-07, Dr. Saligram Sinha Memorial Lecture Award, NASI-2006, Platinum Jubilee Lecture Award, ISCA-2006, Prof. A. Mahadevan Endowment Lecture, University of Madras, 2005.

In view of his outstanding contributions, various honours were also conferred on him viz., Member, RAC, Birbal Sahani Institute of Palaeobotany (DST), 1991-96; President, Botany Section, 89th Indian Science Congress, 2002; President, Indian Phytopathological Society, 2002; President, Indian Botanical Society, 2007-08; Member, Management Committee, NBAIM, Mau, 2007-10; President, Mycological Society of India, 2009-10; Chairman, Research Advisory & Monitoring Committee (BSI & ZSI) MoEF, New Delhi, 2007 09; Expert member to UGC, CSIR, DBT, DST, MoEF, ICAR, TERI, ICRISAT, UPSC, NAAC and others; Member Scientific Advisory Committee, National Centre for Cell Science (DBT), Pune, 2009-12; Member, RAC, Directorate of Biological Control (ICAR), Bangalore, 2007-10; Advisor, Mycorrhiza Network, TERI, New Delhi, 2008-11; Member, RAC, Agharkar Research Institute (DST), Pune, 2009-12; Member, Advisory Committee for National Facility for Fungal Culture Collection, ARI, Pune, 2009-12. He was also Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India; National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 2007; Indian Phytopathological Society; Indian Botanical Society; A.P Academy of Sciences.