Indian Phytopathological Society 

New Delhi


Prof. S. Sinha Memorial Award - Guidelines

Nature of the Award

S. Sinha Memorial Lecture Award

Donor of the Award

Dr. Prakash Bahadur, former Professor & Head (Plant Pathology), IARI, New Delhi

Value of the Award

Tentatively interest of the endowment amount less overhead expenditure

Periodicity of the Award

The Award shall be made once in two years

Purpose of the Award

  • To create incentive for research workers in the field of plant pathology.

  • The award shall be made for significant basic or applied research leading to results of practical importance in the field of plant pathology.

Administration of the Award

The Society shall have the sole right of selection of the recipient of the award and of the formulation of rules governing such selection

Eligibility of the Award

  • All research workers actively engaged in the field of plant pathological research and/or teaching at all the Institutions throughout the country, holding permanent position and IPS Life Membership shall be eligible for the award.

  • Young scientist between the age limit of 35 to 45.

Nomination Procedure


IPS will invite applications for the different awards in two ways:

Open Nomination: The members of the Society who wish to apply for different awards given by the Society can file their application. The application of the nomination should be as per the format given by the Society which should be duly proposed and seconded by two Fellows of IPS. A fellow can propose/ recommend maximum of two candidates in a year. One member can apply for only one award during the same year. 

EC Nomination: Nomination for the different awards given by the Society each year are invited by the Society from the members of the Executive Council (EC). EC nominees need not to be proposed and seconded by the fellows of the Society.

Procedure for selection of Recipients

  1. Nominations received will be preliminary scrutinized by the Screening Committee, which will select 5 names for further recommendation by the Judging Committee.

  2. Judging Committee will recommend one name for to the Secretary in a sealed envelope.

  3. Any member of the Society, who has filed his/her nomination for any award can not be the member of either Screening or Judging Committee during the year.

  4. Secretary, IPS will place the result before the EC for approval and subsequently in GB for declaration.

Presentation of the Award

  • After the acceptance of the names (recommended by the Judging Committee) by the Executive Council, it will be reported to the General Body. The Society will inform the recipient of his/her selection and request him/her to deliver a lecture in the next annual meeting of the Society. The lecture be printed in the Journal (Indian Phytopathology) and it should be not exceed 15 printed pages. 

  • If a person selected for the lecture award is unable to deliver the lecture due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances during that year, he may deliver the lecture in the following year. However, the award will lapse, if he is unable to come for the lecture in the following year also.