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M.J. Narasimhan Medal Award for Best Research Paper - Guidelines

The M.J. Narasimhan Medal Award for Best Research Paper is given to encourage the members to publish their best research papers in Society’s Journal Indian Phytopathology

  1. Only full papers published in a particular volume of a year will be considered. The paper may be on applied or basic aspect or dealing with development of new techniques or concepts.
  2. Review articles and Short Notes will be excluded.
  3. If the papers are published in series each paper is to be considered on its own merit.
  4. The following criteria will be followed or judging the best paper:
    1. Originally, reliability and objectives of the research findings.
    2. Significance of the findings reported in the paper.
    3. The methodology used in the research paper should be appropriate.
    4. Presentation of the paper – This includes Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Tables, Graphics, Discussion and Conclusions.
  5. The award must be given every year and only one paper should be recommended for the award.
  6. a) For preliminary screening the paper dealing with pathological aspect of the diseases caused by fungi, nematode, phanerogamic parasites, physiological and deficiency diseases will be screened by the two experts on pathology.

b) The papers dealing with plant virology, bacteriology and mycology will be screened by the experts on the committee of the respective field.

c) The paper which will be placed first by the majority of the members of the judging committee will be adjusted as the best paper.

  1. If any member of the Judging Committee requires Indian Phytopathology volume for a particular year it will be supplied to the member on returnable basis

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