Indian Phytopathological Society 

New Delhi


Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society (FPSI) - Guidelines

Research workers, having atleast 10 year of standing as IPS member, engaged in leading areas of plant pathology research throughout the country shall be eligible for the Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society. 

General Instructions:

  1. In a year either the nomination for Fellowship or an application for an Award only will be considered and not for both, in respect of an eligible member.
  2. Maximum number of award to a single person should not be more than 2, except FPSI.
  3. Five years will be cooling period for applying any awards, except FPSI.
  4. Cut-off marks for all the awards will be 70% and 60% for FPSI. If two person get equal marks then award will be given to the senior person on age basis
  5. The award shall be announced at the annual meeting of the Society.
  6. After the acceptance of the names recommended by the Judging Committee by the Executive Council, it will be reported to the General Body. The Society will inform the recipient of his selection and request him/her to receive the FPSI certificate in the next annual meeting of the Society.  
  7. The Society shall have the sole right of formulation of rules governing such selection and selection of the recipient of the award.
  8. The nomination will be made in each award at least by TWO Fellows in the prescribed proforma in a year, a Fellow can make not more than TWO nomination. Nomination once made shall remain valid for three years. List of the Fellows (FPSI) are available in the Members Directory on IPS website. 
  9. All the supporting documents are required for each claim.
  10. The intending applicants are required to be submitted Five Copies of application in the prescribed proforma to The Secretary, Indian Phytopathologigcal Society, Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012, INDIA.

Nomination Procedure


IPS will invite applications for the different awards in two ways:

Open Nomination: The members of the Society who wish to apply for FPSI, can file their application. The application of the nomination should be as per the format given by the Society which should be duly proposed and seconded by two Fellows of IPS. A fellow can propose/ recommend maximum of two candidates in a year. One member can apply for only one award during the same year. 

Procedure for selection of Recipients

  1. Nominations received will be preliminary scrutinized by the Screening Committee, which will select 5 names for further recommendation by the Judging Committee.
  2. Judging Committee will recommend one name for to the Secretary in a sealed envelope.
  3. Any member of the Society, who has filed his/her nomination for any award can not be the member of either Screening or Judging Committee during the year.
  4. Secretary, IPS will place the result before the EC for approval and subsequently in GB for declaration.