Wilt Diseases of Crops and their management (2019)

Book 1

Editors: Ashok Bhattacharyya, B.N. Chakraborty, R.N. Pandey, Dinesh Singh and S.C. Dubey
Year: 2019
Price : 5995.00
ISBN: 81-7019-635-6 (India); 1-55528-451-5 (USA)

About the Book

Wilt Diseases of Crops presents up-to-date research findings on Fusarium wilt of tomato, maize, pulses-lentil, pigeonpea, mungbean, urdbean, chieckpea; chilli; capsicum, seed spices; fruits – banana, guava, pomegranate, castor, horticultural crops – mandarin, plantation crop – sugarcane, ornamental crops; medicinal and ornamental crops; Bacterial wilt of crops plants – tomato, potato, cucurbit, ginger; Nematode wilt complex, Parawilt of cotton and their management strategies. The book will be useful and widely accepted by students, teachers, researchers as well as extension scientists working in biology, botany, plant pathology, nematology, ecology, agriculture, horticulture and the environmental sciences.


  1. Bacterial wilt disease of tomato incited by Ralstonia solanacearum - Dinesh Singh (1-54)
  2. Fusarium wilt of tomato and its management - S.K. Gupta and Narendra K. Bharat (55-66)
  3. Bacterial wilt of potato and its management - Vinay Sagar and R.K. Arora (67-75)
  4. Wilt disease of chilli and capsicum and its management - G.H. Mir, G.H. Dar, W.A. Dar, Misba Majeed, Ali Anwar, M.A. Bhat, Z.A. Bhat and Irtifa Lateef (77-105)
  5. Bacterial wilt disease of cucurbit and its management - Mehdi Azadvar and Dinesh Singh (107-121)
  6. Wilt diseases of medicinal and aromatic crops and their management - Ram Prasanna Meena (123-139)
  7. Wilt diseases of ornamental crops and their management - V. Devappa and Archith T.C. (141-164)
  8. Bacterial wilt of ginger and its management - L.C. Bora and Popy Bora (165-182)
  9. Fusarium wilt of seed spices and their management - Y.K. Sharma (183-196)
  10. Fusarium wilt – A destructive disease in banana with special emphasis on tropical race 4 and its possible management - R Thangavelu and A. Arthee (197-252)
  11. Fusarium diseases in sugarcane - R. Viswanathan (493-517)
  12. Fusarium wilt of crop plants: Disease development and management - V. Kavi Sidharthan, Rashmi Aggarwal and V. Shanmugam (519-534)