Diseases of Field Crops (2016)

Book 1

Diseases of Field Crops and their management

Editors: S.C. Dubey, Rashmi Aggarwal, T.S.S.K. Patro and Pratibha Sharma
Year: 2016 / Pages : 650
Price : Rs: 5995.00, US$ 120.00 (Discount 20%)
ISBN: 81-7019-528-0 (India), 1-55528-383-7 (USA)

About the Book

This book focuses on diseases of oilseeds, pulse and field crops. This occurrence, distribution, economic importance, disease signs, biology and pathology of etiological agents, molecular diagnosis, host range, disease cycle and integrated disease management strategies are covered. This book would serve as valuable resource for plant pathologist, nursery managers, teachers, students, exporters, importers, extension specialists and those who are associated with cause of field crops.


  1. Major Diseases of Wheat - Rashmi Aggarwal, Indu Sharma, J. Kumar, M.S. Saharan and Satish Kumar (1-77)
  2. Diseases of Rice - Mukund Variar, M.L. Shanti, Anil Kotasthane, B.M. Bashyal, R.T.P. Pandian and U.D. Singh (79-129)
  3. Diseases of Sorghum - I.K. Das (131-179)
  4. Diseases of Maize - Robin Gogoi, R.C. Sharma, Pradeep K. Singh, S.N. Rai, B.S. Rathore, C. Manjunatha and  B.L. Baheti (181-294)
  5. Diseases of Pearl Millet - Rajan Sharma, G.  Karthikeyan, Bheemavarapu Pushpavathi, Vishal Lahu Gate and Chandramani Raj (295-371)
  6. Diseases of Small Millets - A. Nagaraja, Bijendra Kumar, A.K. Jain, T.S.S.K. Patro and M.V.C. Gowda (373-444)
  7. Diseases of Groundnut - Vinod Kumar and P.P. Thirumalaisamy (445-494)
  8. Diseases of Rapeseed-Mustard - C. Chattopadhyay, P.D.  Meena and S.J. Kolte (495-559)
  9. Diseases of Castor, Sunflower, Safflower and Sesasum - R.D. Prasad, M.A. Raoof, M. Santha Lakshmi and S. Chander Rao (561-640)