A.J. Gibbs

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Name A.J. Gibbs
Designation Emeritus Scientist
Complete postal Address with city code ANU Emeritus Faculty, Building 1c, 24 Balmain Crescent, The Australian National University, ACT 2601, Australia
Email IDs adrian_j_gibbs@hotmail.com
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Brief Biodata

Born: February 15, 1934 in London, U.K. Nationality: Australian and British.

Family: wife Patricia Ann Gibbs; three adult sons and six grandchildren.

Education and professional appointments: Secondary education: King's College, Taunton, Somerset, U.K.; Tertiary education: Imperial College of Science and Technology (Royal College of Science), University of London, U.K. 1956: B.Sc. 1st Class Hons. Botany, Associate of the Royal College of Science, Forbes Memorial Medallist: 1961 Ph.D. (London); 1993. Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science; 1956-66 Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, U.K.; Agricultural Research Council Scholar; Scientific Officer and Senior Scientific Officer; 1966-70 John Curtin School of Medical Research, A.N.U.; Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow; Visiting Fellow 2000-2001; 1970-71 Rothamsted Experimental Station; Principal Research Officer: Honorary Lecturer, Dept. of Virology, University of Birmingham; 1971-2001 Research School of Biological Sciences, A.N.U.; Senior Fellow and Professor (E1 - 1992; E2 - 1994); Visiting Fellow 1997-2000; 1972-75 Honorary Associate, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sydney; 1976-86 Head of Virus Ecology Research Group, RSBS; 1990-7 Group Leader, Molecular Evolution & Systematics Group, RSBS; 1996-7 Head, Centre for Molecular Structure and Function, ANU; 2000-05 Visiting Fellow, School of Botany and Zoology, Faculty of Science, A.N.U.; 1981-84; 1992-93 Council of Australian National University; 1983-7 Board of the Institute of Advanced Studies; 1990-5, General Policy Committee, 1985-86, 1992-94; Committee on Public Affairs and Continuing Education; 1982-93; Scientific Advisory Committee of the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, 1987-88; Management Committee of the Centre for Molecular Structure and Function, 1990-92; 1994-98; Management Committee of the Cooperative Research Centre for Plant Science, 1991-95.

Committee and editorial work: Co-editor of 'Journal of General Virology` (plant viruses), 1969-71; /of 'Intervirology` (plant viruses), 1973-85; /of 'Australasian Plant Pathology` (plant viruses), 1978-81; /of 'C.M.I./A.A.B. Descriptions of Plant Viruses`, 1970-72; /of "Portraits of Viruses: A Review Series", Intervirology, 1979-88; International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, Exec. Comm. member, 1966-78, 1991-3 (Life Member 1996); Chairman of the Data Subcommittee, 1991-1993; Programme Committee, Section on Virology of the IUMS, 1971-2001; Scientific Advisory Board of 'Plant Pathology`, 1981- 2000; /of founding Editorial Board of 'Virus Research`, 1983-87; /of Editorial Advisory Board of 'Archives of Virology`, 1985-2002; /of Editorial Advisory Board of the 'Review of Plant Pathology`, 1987-96; /of Advisory Board of 'Indian Phytopathology`, 1988-96; /of Editorial Advisory Board of the 'Encyclopaedia of Virology`, 1990-93; /of the founding Editorial Board of 'Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution`, 1991-2003; /of the founding Editorial Board of 'Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line, 1996-98; Culture Committee of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, 1987-90; Board of the Australian Genomic Information Centre, University of Sydney, 1991-94; Crop Protection Programme Advisory Board of C.A.B. International, 1996-2000; Australian Plant Disease Database, Phase 2 Steering Committee. 2001-2003

Research Aims: To understand the origins, evolution and ecological adaptations of viruses and their hosts by comparative molecular and ecological studies. Virus diagnosis.

Scientific publications: Co-author or editor of 9 books (one translated into Russian and Chinese). Co-author of 6 networked publications. Author or co-author of 232 research papers or reviews.

Pastimes: Chasing balloons; learning more science, gardening; growing old gracelessly.

Address: Adrian John GIBBS, 7 Hutt St, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia, Phone +61 2 62816971; 0418 489677, Email: adrian_j_gibbs@hotmail.com