Biological Control of Crop Diseases: Recent Advances & Perspectives (2018)

Book 1

Part - I: Horticultural Crops

Editors: Dinesh Singh, B.N. Chakraborty, R.N. Pandey and Pratibha Sharma
Year: 2018
Price : 9995.00 (for both set)
ISBN: 81-7019- (India); 1-55528- (USA)

About the Book

Biological Control of Crop Diseases: Recent Advances and Perspectives Part 1: Horticultural Crops, Part 2: Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and other Crops presents up-to-date research findings on crop disease management to provide with a single-source reference text for developing a sustainable ecosystem that doesn't depend on harmful and unhealthy agrochemicals. The comprehensive research articles in this book represents the key subjects covered by invited authors. This unique book presents fresh ideas and innovative strategies for finding meaningful solutions to the problems of disease control and provides an excellent source of currently used biocontrol agents (BCA) for management of major crop diseases and their potential use in agricultural crop production in India. It is an invaluable reference resource for academics and extension scientists working the area of crop protection.


  1. Use of bio-agents for management of nematodes in horticultural crops - D.J. Patel, A.K. Maru, B.A. Patel and A.D. Patel (1-58)
  2. Biological management of major citrus diseases in Central India - A Review - R.M. Gade and R.S. Lad (59-71)
  3. Management of guava wilt through microbial antagonists - A.K. Misra (73-95)
  4. Biological control of Pomegranate wilt caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata - Gururaj Sunkad, T.H. Shruthi and Raja (97-115)
  5. Biological control of grape diseases - Indu S. Sawant, S.D. Sawant and Sujoy Saha (117-128)
  6. Biological control of soil borne fungal diseases of brinjal - S. Dutta, P.P. Ghosh, S. Jash, A. Roy Barman, S.K. Ray and S. Das (129-155)
  7. Biological control of bacterial wilt of solanaceous vegetable crops - R. Ramesh, Gauri Achari, Marsha D’Souza (157-178)
  8. Application of bioagents for management of potato diseases - Gayatri Biswal and Dinesh Singh (179-205)
  9. Biological control of nematode diseases of vegetables - Anju Kamra (207-229)
  10. Biological control of diseases of spice crops - M. Anandaraj (231-249)
  11. Bioagents in the management of diseases of spice crops through microbes - Anirudha Chattopadhyay, Jyotika Purohit, D.S. Patel and M.L.Tetarwal (251-272)
  12. Biological control of nematode diseases of medicinal and aromatic plants - Rupali Gupta, Akanksha Singh and Rakesh Pandey (273-289)
  13. Biological control of major diseases of important medicinal plants - Devappa V. and Archith T.C. (291-305)
  14. Management of diseases of crops through bioagents under protected cultivation - N.M. Gohel and Jani P. Pandya (307-329)
  15. Management of post harvest diseases of vegetable & fruit crops through bioagents - R.K. Patil, H.N. Prajapati and J.P. Pandya (331-356)
  16. Microbial management of post harvest diseases of horticultural crops - Supriya Gupta and K.P. Singh (357-379)
  17. Biological control of postharvest diseases of citrus - K. Prasad, R.R. Sharma, Dinesh Singh and Abhay Kumar Gaurav (381-409)