Microbial Antagonists: Role in Biological Control of Plant Diseases (2018)

Book 1

Part - I: Fungal Antagonists

Editors: R.N. Pandey, B.N. Chakraborty, Dinesh Singh and Pratibha Sharma
Year: 2018
Price : 9995.00 (for both set)
ISBN: 81-7019-591-4 (India); 1-55528-437-X (USA)

About the Book

Microbial Antagonists: Role in Biological Control of Plant Diseases encompasses the overwhelming advantages of Biological Control Agents (BCA), their formulation, mass production, commercialization and potential field application for management of plant diseases. Scientists working in the areas of plant protection have contributed latest information on opportunities and challenges using bioinoculants and bio stimulants, their mode of action, cloning of antifungal anti bacterial genes, induced plant immunity, prospects of endophytic microorganisms and mycorrhiza in biocontrol and entrepreneurship development. The book will be useful and widely accepted by students, teachers, researchers as well as extension scientists working in biology, botany, plant pathology, nematology, entomology, ecology, agriculture, horticulture and the environmental sciences.


  1. Role of microbes and fungi in plant disease management - C. Manoharachary and D. Nagaraju (1-36)
  2. Biological control in 21st century: Opportunities and challenges in subsistence farming system of India - A.K. Chowdhury, Anamika Debnath, A. Roy, P.M. Bhattacharya and C. Chattopadhyay (37-62)
  3. Endophytic Fungi: Application for plant disease management - Arti Singh, Jay Hind Nishad, Veer Singh Gautam, Puja Kumari, Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Jitendra Kumar, S.K. Verma and R.N. Kharwar (63-85)
  4. Endophytic microorganisms: Prospects as biological control in family Brassicaceae - Manju Sharma (87-96)
  5. Native bio-agents: An integral component for managing soil borne plant pathogens in arid region - Ritu Mawar and Satish Lodha (97-113)
  6. Morphology and identification of Indian species of Trichoderma - T. Prameela Devi, Deeba Kamil and R. Sudeep Toppo (115-129)
  7. Molecular diagnostics for identification of bioagents: Trichoderma spp. and AM fungi - R.N. Pandey and Pratik Jaisani (131-150)
  8. Biotechnological approaches for enhancing quality parameters of Trichoderma for plant disease management - R.S. Fougat, Sushil Kumar and Adinath Palve (151-167)
  9. Cloning of important antifungal genes in Trichoderma - Sushil Kumar, Manish Kumar Suthar and Adinath Palve (169-182)
  10. Endophytism in Trichoderma spp.: An overview ­- Pratibha Sharma, Verna C. Leon, R. M. Raja and Thava Prakasa Pandian (183-198)
  11. Trichoderma mediated abiotic stress management - A novel approach to sustain crop productivity - S. Desai, R.D. Prasad, V. Dinesh Kumar, P. Sowmya, A. Azis Qureshi, P. Lakshmamma, T. Navaneetha and T. Meenakshi (199-217)
  12. Mass production protocols of bioagents with special reference to Trichoderma - A.B. Brahmbhatt (219-228)
  13. Formulations of Trichoderma - A.K. Tewari, Dinesh Rai and J. Kumar (229-259)
  14. Seed bio-priming in the management of plant diseases - R.N. Pandey and Pratik Jaisani (261-271)
  15. Molecular tools for monitoring Trichoderma in agricultural environments - L. Kredics, L. Chen, O. Kedves, R. Büchner, L. Hatvani, H. Allaga, V.D. Nagy and C. V21ágvölgyi (273-304)
  16. Molecular characterization of Chaetomium globosum: A potential biocontrol agent - Rashmi Aggarwal, Sapna Sharma and Sangeeta Gupta (305-322)
  17. Catenaria anguillulae sorokin: Characteristics, biology and its traits as a potential biological control agent against plant parasitic nematodes - S.S. Vaish (323-348)
  18. Ulocladium atrum: A potential biological control agent - N. Srinivasa, Deepak G. Nayan, K. Basavaraj, Jagat Kumar and B.T. Raghavendra (349-369)
  19. Application of biofertilizer for growth enhancement of Capsicum chinense - I. Chongtham, K. Surendirakumar, L. Surbala and R.R. Pandey (371-393)